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What to Do With a Clogged Shower

A couple minutes into a hot shower, it sounds like a rainstorm and you're ankle-deep in sudsy water. You pull the plug after a relaxing bath and the water goes nowhere. Now what?

Fortunately, most shower and tub clogs can be corrected easily with a minimum of hassle and mess. Hair is the usual culprit when a bath falls to drain properly. Checking the strainer cover that fits over the drain may be all it takes. If the holes are stopped up, clean them out and test the flow. If that doesn't do the trick, don't panic. Just follow a few simple steps: 1. Determine how the strainer cover is attached. Some covers simply snap into place and can be removed from the drain by lifting them with a screwdriver. Other covers are held in place by a couple of screws. 2. Once the strainer is removed, shine a flashlight into the drain and visually check for a clog. You should see water a few inches below the drain, but if you spot an obstruction, crimp a piece of metal coat hanger so that it hooks on the end. Gently snag the slog with the hook, being careful not to push the obstruction deeper into the drain. 3. If you don't see a hair clog blocking the pipe, try using a plunger to clear the drain. Next, pour enough water into the tub to cover the lip of the rubber cup and make sure if fits securely over the drain opening. Then, move the handle of the plunger up and down repeatedly. If the above steps fail to solve the problem, calling a plumber is the next best step. It's safer, quicker and potentially much cheaper to let us handle the job.

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