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Root Control & Bacteria Maintenance



Sessa's Licensed Plumbing & Heating features two products exclusive to the plumbing trade. When used according to manufacturers’ specifications these treatments are designed to be environmentally safe, cost effective, and prevent later problems.


Sessa's Plumbing and Heating features patented ROOTX root control formula. Rootx is a non-systemic, patented chemical root control formula. This means that it kills only the roots with which it comes in contact, not the tree or plant itself. The active ingredient, Dichlobenil, will not only kill roots, but will also prevent their re-growth for up to 1 year. Rootx is the #1 environmentally safe, easy to use root killer on the market today.


Sessa's Plumbing and Heating uses BIO-SMART to keep septic systems clean.


When you mix Bio-Smart in water “friendly” bacteria become active and hungry in about 30 minutes. Each bacteria eats its weight of waste in about one minute. The bacteria feed, multiply and eat through waste matter until it is gone. They change the waste into water, carbon and other elements which run harmlessly out of your waste system. Start using Bio-Smart now to keep your pipes and septic system clean.

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