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Tankless Water Heaters

Endless Hot Water


No Storage/No Shortage: The most popular advantage of Noritz versus traditional tank water heaters is that you will never run out of hot water. A tankless water heater heats water on demand, so that means no storage or shortage of hot water. Imagine the luxury of always having hot showers or filling up a Jacuzzi hot tub and still having an endless supply of hot water for the rest of your household needs. It’s about time your home had an equal supply of hot and cold water.


Higher Volume


Hot Water for Any Size Home: Properly sized Noritz water heaters are capable of supplying more hot water than traditional tank-type water heaters. With Noritz features such as Quick-Connect and Multi-System, our tankless water heaters can meet any hot water demand on today’s home.


Clean Water


No Dirty Tanks: As years pass, traditional tank-type heaters start to rust and build up scale inside the tank, which is where your hot water is being stored for use. A Noritz heats water as it passes through the unit, so you will never have to use hot water that has been stored in an old rusty tank.


Customers Needs

Endless hot water is what our customers value most about our products. They also value the amount of space it saves, along with the energy savings.


Energy Savings


With a Noritz tankless water heater, you’ll save energy and thus, money. Furthermore, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, operating costs could be up to 50% lower (even more vs. electric) since there is no re-heating of water as with traditional water heaters.

Lasts Longer

2-3 Times Longer: Noritz tankless water heaters are extremely durable, lasting up to three times longer than traditional tank-type water heaters, and require little maintenance over their lifetime. Noritz wants you to feel confident using our products so we back all residential heaters with one of the best warranties in the industry.


Noritz is the featured tankless water heater on our website but we are not limited to this brand. We will install the best tankless for your individual application.

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How Does A

Tankless Water

Heater Work?

How a tankless water heater works

Industry First Dual Flame Burner

Our next generation dual flame burner technology is a first in the industry. The new design gives Noritz units stable combustion over a wider range of water flow. This means that Noritz heaters are capable of boosting output at higher flow rates, while at the same time reducing the unit’s minimum required flow rate. With state-of-the-art gas combustion technology, the burners maximize output and provide temperature stability while maintaining low emissions. The dual flame burner allows for higher thermal efficiency in combination with Noritz’s new heat exchanger.


Redesigned Heat Exchanger

The new heat exchanger has many advantages that set it apart from others in the industry. The heat exchanges was re-engineered to increase thermal efficiency and made smaller to maximize its installation flexibility. Furthermore, the piping is 25% thicker to help prevent condensation and erosion to ensure a longer life.


Resin Coated PC Board

Noritz’s new resin coated PC board is testament of our dedication to detail. The addition of a protectant coat to the PC board provides greater durability allowing a Noritz tankless water heater to last longer, even when exposed to the elements. Also, the on-board memory chip stores the error code history for easy maintenance monitoring to ensure your heater runs efficiently.



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