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Boilers Brooklyn NY

We have a wide range of heat distribution products, from radiators to cabinets and elements to a full line of accessories. Plumbers Who Care use only the best products and is your answer to heating when combining comfort and style. By offering this full line, Sessa is able to provide homeowners, like you, all the resources of a recognized industry leader with a reputation for quality and dependability as well as individual, attentive and prompt service which means better service for you.


Sessa's Plumbing and Heating features Burnham Independence Series Boilers and it doesn’t stop there – since the Sessa team is equipped with the technical and practical knowledge the only comes from years of experience, we truly understand the importance of quality heating systems. Quality is our primary concern.

Combining a full product line with a rich history and committed staff makes Sessa the recognized leader in high quality heating unites for steam and hot water systems. Governale is the featured radiators on our website but we are not limited to this brand. We will install the best radiators for your individual application.

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